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With datacentres in 10 cities across Australia & New Zealand we guarantee low latency for your players

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Intergrid is your trusted partner in Australia & New Zealand

The world’s largest game server providers and game publishers choose Intergrid to host their servers.
We deliver fast, low-latency connectivity to your players through our network of 10 regional datacentres which reach 90% of the Australian population in under 20 milliseconds.

Our standardised server pricing with aggregated pooled bandwidth between datacentre regions has helped some of the world’s largest gaming companies improve the in-game experience for their players, while also reducing costs.

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We operate one of the largest networks in Australia & New Zealand, offering standardised pricing and bandwidth pooling across all 10 of our datacentre locations. We can deliver high-performance baremetal servers optimised for gaming in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Townsville, Hobart, Darwin and Auckland. Our standardised pricing allows you to maintain a consistent cost base while providing local, low-latency servers to your players. Our included bandwidth aggregation gives you the flexibility to use your bandwidth commitment in any location – even in premium locations where IP transit is usually more expensive.

We work with the biggest names in the game industry, and understand your business model. We include self-service features such as deployment APIs to enable easy scaling, as well as competitive volume discounts for large accounts. All accounts are assigned a dedicated account manager who acts as a single point of contact and escalation.

Baremetal Cloud

Dedicated hardware with the flexibility of the cloud

Virtual Servers

Small, scalable VPS instances for everyday workloads


BYO hardware in our 10 national datacentres

IP Transit

Unmetered connectivity to 40+ datacentres

How we help the gaming industry

10 cities in Australia & New Zealand

We operate the largest cloud network in AU & NZ by geography. Your users expect local servers with the lowest possible latency, and we can deliver.

Fast scaling & deployment

Gaming traffic can be unpredictable. Through our platform, you can commission and decommission dedicated servers with a simple API.

Competitive partner discounts

Gaming service providers are eligible for our Partner Program, receiving sizeable volume discounts and incentives for additional services.

Flexible contract terms

We offer flexible contract options, including uncontracted servers, to suit every online gaming business.

Complimentary migrations

Our Cloud Engineering team is available to assist with migrations and data transfers, at no additional cost.

Custom servers for gaming

Need a specific hardware configuration, like overclocked CPUs or powerful GPUs? We can deliver custom servers in under 24 hours.

Other Industries

The difference with Intergrid is night and day. Quick network, great support via chat and a very smooth migration experience!

James, from a global service provider