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Leave server management to the experts with our
Professional Services

Our Professional Services are designed to simplify your business’ cloud journey, letting you get back to what you do best. By adding a Professional Services package to your cloud or colocation service, our 24/7 Cloud Engineering team takes charge of monitoring and managing your servers.


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Onboarding Support
System design consultation

Design suggestions in-line with our product offerings
Initial Operating system installation

Install of base ISO, please see website for choice
Managed migration of OS

Migration of services to us for non end of life products (cPanel, Windows, Linux)
Managed migration of database

Restoration of DB backup/dump
Rack and stack

Physical install of machines, patching them (within rack), plugging into power/UPS , providing remote access
$150/hr $150/hr $100/hr $100/hr
Server security hardening

Remove bloatware, set up of basic tenable/cloudlfare/crowdstrike monitoring (not managed), running OS updates at request
Managed DDoS protection

Standard DDoS protection
Managed Operating system updates

We will update OS to most recent version at request
Newer OS installation

We will upgrade OS to most recent version at request (You are responsible for ensuring application/data compatibility)
General Management
Server tuning & optimization

Number of hours a month at request, review of logs, resource usage, OS configuration
4 Hours 8 Hours 8 Hours
cPanel & Plesk support

4 hours a month at request
Apache/Litespeed support

4 hours a month at request
Support with custom apps

8 hours a month at request*
Email Support

cPanel and Exchange - Troubleshooting inbound/outbound emails - Blacklisting/Whitelisting, filters, DNS, Restores, Syncing, Forwarding
Database Support

Most Major DBs (MySQL, Postgress, MariaDB, MSSQL)
Ad-Hoc/Other Support

Non standard support or smart hands, please reach out to us to see if we can support a product not listed
$150/hr $150/hr 2 hr/month and then $150/hr 2 hr/month and then $150/hr
Overall management
Incident Support

Investigation for interruption to services we are providing and supporting
Service Request Support

Information for requests around products and services we are providing and supporting
08:00 - 18:00 (AEST/AEDT) 24x7 - Best Efforts 24x7 24x7 24x7
Phone Support

Phone support
08:00 - 18:00 (AEST/AEDT) 24x7 - Best Efforts 24x7 24x7 24x7
Dedicated Account Manager

Access to a dedicated account manager
Back up and DR
Backups and Restore Support

Support for purchased backup product

VPN Setup for IPMI Connection
Public IP

Provisioning of public IP
Access to DC 24x7

Escorted access to the datacentre at request (24 hours notice, unless urgent)
Best Efforts
5GN Smart hands (Business Hours)

08:00 - 18:00 (Local to DC), All DCs except Perth & Auckland
$230/hr $230/hr $230/hr $230/hr
5GN Smart hands (After hours)

18:00 - 08:00 (Local to DC), All DCs except Perth & Auckland
$350/hr $350/hr $350/hr $350/hr
5GN Smart hands - Expedite Request

$200/hr $200/hr $200/hr $200/hr
3rd Party Smart hands

Perth (EQ - PE2) & Auckland (Vocus Albany)
$315/hr $315/hr $315/hr $315/hr
24x7 Monitoring of racks and data hall

Monitoring of power and cooling on a per rack basis
Monitoring of racks and data hall

Patching server to switchport

The Benefits of Professional Services

If your organisation does not have system administration expertise in-house, our Professional Services packages provide pro-active monitoring along with guaranteed support when you need it.

Intergrid’s Professional Services are delivered by an expert team with over 50 years of experience in the Australian cloud industry. In particular, our team consists of Red Hat Certified Engineers, AWS Certified Solutions Architects, VMware Certified Professionals and Cisco Certified Network Associates.

In addition, we offer in-house regulatory and data compliance consulting services with a specialist legal team providing support to highly regulated industries in their cloud transformation journey.

Unless a Professional Services package is purchased, all Intergrid services are ‘self-managed’. This means we look after your server’s hardware and its connection to the internet, but you manage all other aspects of your server environment. If you require support with your server’s operating system or third party applications, we are happy to assist although an ad-hoc professional services fee of $150 per hour applies.

We have experts in over 50 operating systems

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