Transparent commercial terms & 100% network uptime SLA
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Terms and Conditions

We are committed to our small business, corporate and wholesale channel partners.
Recognising the importance of the services we provide, we have have developed clear and transparent policies that set out our commercial terms, our obligations to you and your responsibilities as a customer. Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions about our terms.

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Terms of

Our commercial terms set out our responsibilities, processes and policies

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Service Level

Our robust 100% network uptime SLA ensures availability of services

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Acceptable Use Policy

To maintain compliance, we restrict activity that is illegal or may impact others

Documents should be read in conjunction with any executed Service Orders. These may alter or replace terms from global policies.
Please direct any compliance inquiries to the Compliance & LEGAL Portfolio

I’ve dealt with dozens of web hosting providers over the past three years, but Intergrid's service has surpassed all of them.
Hugo, from a Perth engineering firm