IP Transit

DoS protected connectivity
in 40+ AU & NZ datacentres
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Connect to the world with Intergrid's international network

Our network spans every Australian capital city and every major ISP

We connect with major ISPs such as Telstra, Optus, TPG and Aussie Broadband in every capital city, ensuring fast local connectivity.
Hand plugging fibre cable into IP transit switch

International peering

Our network interconnects with international service providers Cogent and Hurricane Electric for optimised paths to the USA and Europe. International traffic is routed out of Australia from Sydney and Perth.
World map overlaid with internet connectivity lines

Industry leading DDoS protection

Our network features 24x7 on-network DDoS mitigation appliances to actively detect and block attacks without impacting latency. All services are monitored 24x7 by our Security Operations Centre.
Patch panel in datacentre with ethernet cables

Delivered over cross connect, Megaport VXC or IX VLL

Our IP transit features flexible delivery and simple scalability. In our major Points-of-Presence, connect directly with us via a 1G, 10G or 40G fibre cross connect. Transit can also be delivered to more than 40+ datacentres instantly through a Megaport Virtual Cross Connect (VXC), IX Australia VLL or EdgeIX VLL.
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Our IP Transit is available in 40+ datacentres

New South Wales
port speeds
cross connection
Megaport VXC
IX Australia VLL
Equinix SY1-5
iSeek Gore Hill
NextDC S1 & S2
Equinix SY6
Equinix SY7
View all connected datacentres
Equinix ME1 & ME2
Equinix ME4 & ME5
NextDC M1
NextDC M2
Vocus 530 Collins
View all connected datacentres
Equinix BR1
NextDC B1 & B2
Over The Wire
iSeek Eagle Farm
iSeek Wolloongabba
View all connected datacentres
YourDC DC1
YourDC DC2
DCI Sungard
Colocity DC3
Primus DC
View all connected datacentres
Equinix PE2
NextDC P1
NextDC P2
Vocus (1 William)
View all connected datacentres
Equinix CA1 (ACT)
SecureDC (NT)
TasNetworks (TAS)
NextDC C1 (ACT)
TransACT (ACT)
Vocus Parkhead Place
The Datacentre
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IP Transit Indicative Pricing

Pricing is based on volume commitment.
DDoS protection
On-net DDoS mitigation using Corero appliances
Full table or static route IPv4 and IPv6 sessions
95th %
Services are billed based on 95th percentile usage
Transit can be delivered over 1G/10G/40G ports
Contact us to discuss contract options.
1 - 1.99 Gbps
2 - 4.99 Gbps
5 - 9.99 Gbps
10Gbps +

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