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Intergrid Carbonite Replicate 1:1 with another bare-metal server
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Protect your digital assets with our disaster recovery plan

Protect your digital assets

After spending time creating and maintaining your digital environment it becomes important to ensure there is no downtime or data loss.

Intergrid offers a full replication service to protect your digital environment.

In the event of a disaster to one system or an entire data center, a failover to the secondary location can be easily invoked. The secondary systems spin up and users are rerouted with only a few seconds or minutes of interruption.

The production servers protected by Carbonite software and will not experience any performance degradation due to the replication. As changes are captured and transmitted at the byte level, the impact to network performance is minimal.
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Intergrid Replication

Replicate 1:1 with another bare-metal server hosted anywhere on Intergrid’s network with Carbonite Availability.

Intergrid Carbonite Availability software enables IT organizations to maintain the highest availability of their Windows and Linux servers by preventing downtime and data loss. The software uses a continuous replication mechanism that maintains a secondary copy without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth. With support for physical, virtual or cloud source systems or target environments, the Intergrid Carbonite Availability solution is a comprehensive replication option for organizations with mixed IT environments.

Secure Data Transfer Encryption

All data transmitted is encrypted using AES-256 encryption, and compressed using three tiers of bandwidth-saving mechanisms. Once the seeding is complete, the solution updates the target with any changes in real time.

In the event of an outage, administrators can manually or automatically failover users to the secondary server in minutes or seconds. The recovery point can be current, or systems can be reverted to an earlier point before an error or infection occurred. No delays, no data loss.

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IP Transit Indicative Pricing

Pricing is based on volume commitment.
DDoS protection
On-net DDoS mitigation using Corero appliances
Full table or static route IPv4 and IPv6 sessions
95th %
Services are billed based on 95th percentile usage
Transit can be delivered over 1G/10G/40G ports
Contact us to discuss contract options.
1 - 1.99 Gbps
2 - 4.99 Gbps
5 - 9.99 Gbps
10Gbps +

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Protect your Digital Assets

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